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Mens Health Project

APICHA’s Mens Health Project provides free support and education for men who struggle with safer sex practices. Our services include:

Individual Counseling

We provide free one-on-one counseling, for up to ten sessions, so that you can explore the factors that contribute to you taking risks and create a plan to stay healthy. The sessions are targeted to help you achieve specific goals that you establish for yourself.

Group Sessions

A&PI men can attend group sessions for men who are working to reduce risky sexual behaviors. The sessions provide a great opportunity for you to learn from other A&PI men and to share your experiences in a non-judgmental setting.

Community Education

The Mens Health Project frequently presents information about HIV transmission and risk reduction that is specifically tailored to men. The presentations are great way to access culturally competent information in various A&PI languages.


Our staff frequently visits venues where MSM meet. You will often find them at the clubs and saunas handing out condoms and providing information about our services, HIV, and risk. Our outreach staff is highly knowledgeable and is always willing to speak to you.

For more information, contact:

Jay Gabor
LGBT Program Community Health Manager
Phone: 646-744-0989
Email: JGabor@apicha.org