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Project Connect

APICHA is excited to present Project Connect, a program for Asian and Pacific Islanders (A&PI) who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, and Intersex (LGBTQI).

LGBTQI A&PI individuals experience barriers accessing services and are often underserved due to a spectrum of reasons including culture, linguistic isolation, and the lack of supportive networks. Initiatives under Project Connect were created to improve general health and well-being, and increase access to culturally competent human and health services for LGBTQI A&PIs. Our programs include A Healthier Me! Skills-building Workshop Series, GAYME(GLBTQI A&PI Youth Mentorship for Empowerment), and cultural competency trainings for health and human service providers.

A Healthier Me! Skills Workshop Series

Our skills-building workshop series, A Healthier Me!, invites expert speakers from the larger communities to lead workshops and lectures. Many of our speakers work specifically with LGBTQI and/or A&PI individuals in their profession and many identify as LGBTQI A&PI. All speakers are deeply committed to serving the LGBTQI A&PI community and have tailored their workshops to address issues relevant to the LGBTQI A&PI population. Project Connect’s first A Healthier Me! workshop by Alan Lee, a certified food, nutrition, and fitness expert of 12 years, taught participants the importance of eating appropriately, supplements, and exercise.

GAYME Youth Mentorship

Project Connect’s youth initiative, GAYME (GLBTQI A&PI Youth Mentorship for Empowerment), connects LGBTQI A&PI youth with other youth and adults to share their experiences. GAYME departs from the traditional one-on-one mentorship style, utilizing an informal, topic-based group workshop method preferred by LGBTQI A&PI youth. These groups allow youth and mentors to draw upon an array of different experiences to cultivate understanding and build a supportive community. Session topics are concerns identified by LGBTQI A&PI youth and include: self-image, acceptance of multiple identities, coming out, body image, budgeting, getting into college, affording college, career paths, and finding jobs/job security.

Are you GLTBQI, Asian/Pacific Islander and 24 years old or younger? Join our GAYME mentoring program as a MENTEE! Applications for the October 2013 – February 2014 mentoring cycle are always welcome; there is no due date.

Mentee Application 2013-2014

Are you GLTBQI, Asian/Pacific Islander and at least 25 years old? Join our GAYME mentoring program as a MENTOR! Applications for the October 2013 – February 2014 mentoring cycle are always welcome; there is no due date.

Mentor Application 2013-2014

Please contact at schary@apicha.org or call at 646-744-0990.

Training for Service Providers

In improving the accessibility and quality of services for LGBTQI A&PI, Project Connect engages with local service providers to encourage awareness of LGBTQI A&PI concerns. Trainings for organizational staff to develop cultural competence and LGBTQI-sensitivity are offered to create systemic change. Project Connect also provides trainings and lectures in academic settings, such as school Gay-Straight Alliances and class settings.

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