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Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services are only available for patients receiving medical care at APICHA.

If you and your doctor decide that you would benefit from mental health services, you can receive the following: psychosocial assessment, limited short term counseling and referrals for on-going psychotherapy.

APICHA’s Mental Health Services are not meant for patients who have severe or chronic mental or behavioral health diagnoses. Referrals can be given to patients who want or need long-term psychotherapy.

Short Term Counseling

APICHA’s social worker can provide you with short-term counseling or a referral to another provider depending on your individual needs.

Psychiatric Care

APICHA’s psychiatrist is available for an initial psychiatric evaluation and medication management. A referral to our psychiatrist is required. Your medical or mental health provider will refer you to the psychiatrist if it is determined that you might benefits from psychiatric care.