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STD Screening and HIV Testing

Two good reasons to have an HIV test:

  1. If you’re not infected, you can learn how to stay that way.
  2. If you are infected, new treatments can keep you healthy.

At APICHA, we offer free and confidential HIV counseling and testing in English, Spanish, Japanese & Mandarin.  Please indicate if you need an interpreter when you make an appointment.

To schedule an appointment, please call APICHA’s Infoline (toll-free), 1-866-APICHA9 (1-866-274-2429).

APICHA offers the following screenings:

HIV Tests (confidential):

OraQuick Advance – This is a confidential HIV antibody test that requires collection of a blood sample through a finger stick (1 drop of blood) and provides a result in 20 minutes.  A result could be reactive or non-reactive. In the event of a reactive (positive) result, a confirmatory test will be conducted. It will take up to five business days to receive the confirmatory test result.


HIV Testing is available on the following days:

HIV Testing is available by appointment on the following days:

Monday:                        10:30A-5:00P

Tuesday:                        10:00A-1:00P

Wednesdays:            2P-3P & 4P-6:30P

Thursday:                        10:30A-5:00P

Fridays:                        10A-11A & 3P-5P

Syphilis Screenings (confidential):

A blood sample is required and results are available within 5 business days. This can be done in the same visit as an HIV test.

Other STD screenings are available.

Referral Services:

APICHA provides referrals to clients who receive HIV counseling and testing. These referrals are given during the counseling session and include services such as mental health, substance use, primary medical care, public benefits, insurance, sexual health, case management, and others. Some of these services are available at APICHA. If you have any questions, please ask your counselor.


1-866-APICHA9 (1-866-274-2429) is the toll-line to schedule appointments for HIV and syphilis testing.  Questions regarding STDs can also be addressed at this number.