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Apicha CHC is committed to being a medical home for new and existing patients even during this difficult time. We can help you manage and maintain your health in order to stay out of the hospital, emergency room and urgent care centers and to keep those you love safe. This is how we are here for you:

We are offering telemedicine visits with our doctors which allow you to have a face to face video appointment with your provider.  

Not sure what a Telemedicine Visit can do for you?

Instead of traveling to Apicha, you can video conference with your provider using your mobile phone, computer or tablet device that has a camera. You and your provider will be able to see and talk with each other in real time - so you can ask questions and have a conversation the same way you would when you are in our office. Your provider will review your condition and guide you about next steps like: refilling your medication, writing a prescription for a new medication or advising you whether you should go out to have labs done or postponing them.

Our telemedicine (virtual) visits are secure and HIPAA protected - you just need to make sure you are in a private space where others cannot overhear the conversation. 

To schedule a telemedicine visit, please call us at 212-334-6029 or send us a message through the patient portal. Our Patient Associates will follow up with you and assist you in scheduling a telemedicine visit.

Stay healthy with Apicha CHC. 

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Do you need health insurance? 

If you lost your job or health insurance coverage due to COVID-19, or uninsured, we can help. Our Health Insurance Navigators can provide assistance in assessing your healthcare options through the New York State of Health Marketplace. The NYS of Health Marketplace extended the Special Enrollment Period through December 31, 2020. You must apply within 60 days of losing health insurance coverage. 

In line with current social distancing recommendations, health insurance services are currently available over the telephone or confidential video conferencing.

To request an appointment with a Health Insurance Navigator please use our website or call us at 1866-274-2429.

Available Monday through Friday 9:30 am — 5:00 pm.

Apicha Community Health Center stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement. Read our statement here.

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