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Helping You Receive the Care You Need

Welcome to Apicha Community Health Center's comprehensive resource page, designed to help patients find the support, care, and resources they need. At Apicha, our mission is to provide high quality, equitable, whole person, and culturally responsive care delivered in an inclusive and welcoming manner. We are expanding on our long tradition of care for AAPI, LGBTQ+, and persons living with HIV.

We are committed to excellence and to providing culturally competent services that enhance the quality of life for our diverse patient population. If you want to become a patient, feel free to reach out to our administration line at (212) 334-7940 to speak with a medical professional.

New Patient FAQ: Get answers to common questions about becoming a new patient at Apicha CHC.

Patient Forms & Applications: Access essential forms for patient registration, HIPAA compliance, financial screening, health center policies, and valuable health education resources.

Patient Portal: Seamlessly manage your health records, appointments, and communication with our healthcare team through our secure online patient portal.

Telemedicine Resources: Discover the convenience of virtual healthcare with our telemedicine services, offering remote medical consultations from the comfort of your own space. Accessing telemedicine at Apicha CHC is easy - follow our step-by-step instructions for a seamless experience.

Video Center: Explore a collection of informative and engaging videos created by Apicha CHC, covering various health topics and resources to empower your well-being journey.

Photo Gallery: Browse through a photographs taken at Apicha CHC's events, activities, and community initiatives.