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Food & Nutrition Services in Manhattan and Queens, NY

Apicha believes nutritious food is medicine. We offer Food & Nutrition services to provide the education and resources to make good choices about what they eat. These include SNAP enrollment assistance, HIV Nutrition Health Education, and access to a registered dietitian.

SNAP Benefits and Resources

SNAP stands for the “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program,” formerly known as food stamps. SNAP helps New Yorkers buy food.

It is a program that offers nutrition assistance to over a million eligible, low-income New Yorkers, including families, the elderly, and the disabled. SNAP provides monthly funds on an electronic benefit card for use to buy food and groceries.

If you need help buying groceries, find out if you’re eligible by contacting our Nutrition Outreach and Education Program (NOEP) Coordinators. If you’re eligible, we’ll help you apply for SNAP.

For an appointment, call (866) 274-2429 or click here.

HIV Nutrition Health Education in Manhattan, NY

Proper nutrition plays an important role in the overall health and wellbeing of individuals living with HIV. A balanced diet not only helps maintain a healthy weight, strengthens the immune system, and helps keep you healthy.

Apicha's HIV Nutrition Health Education program helps people living with HIV by providing them with the knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their diet and lifestyle.

If enrolled as a client, you will get the following services for Nutrition Health Education:

  • Up to $125 food voucher per month
  • Each qualifying child receives up to $40 food voucher per month
  • Groceries selected for people living with HIV
  • Nutrition Plan based on individual medical needs
  • Group Nutrition Workshop

For more information, give our team a call at (646) 744-2587.

Registered Dietitian

Here at Apicha our registered dietitian plays an important role in primary care, providing education and helping our patients develop healthier eating habits.

Our registered dietitian works closely with the primary care team to:

  • Understand patients' eating habits
  • Create a nutrition plan based on individual medical needs
  • Educate patients about good nutrition

This service is only available to Apicha's primary care patients.

To become a patient at Apicha CHC, sign up online here or call us at one of the numbers below:

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