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Health Insurance Enrollment in Manhattan and Queens, NY

Learn About Your Health Insurance Options

Are you ignoring your health because you think you can’t afford health care? We know it can be confusing navigating the NY State of Health Marketplace. Apicha CHC has staff who can help find health insurance that works for you.

To get started, schedule an appointment with one of our enrollment specialists. Fill out the online form or call (866) 274-2429 and our team will reach out to you promptly.

If you are interested in Medicare, we can refer you to partners who can help you enroll.

When Can You Enroll in Health Insurance?

An Open Enrollment Period is the time of year when you can enroll in private health insurance. New Yorkers who don't have health coverage can fill out our form to request an appointment with one of our Health Insurance Navigators.

When you can enroll depends on which program you are eligible for, which is based on age, income and other factors.
Enrollment is open all year if you are eligible for:

  • Medicaid
  • Child Health Plus
  • Essential Plan

You can enroll in a Qualified Health Plan during the annual Open Enrollment Period, or a Special Enrollment Period, if you are eligible. American Indians and Alaskan Natives can enroll anytime during the year for any NY State of Health program.

Open Enrollment Period

An Open Enrollment Period is a limited time of year – usually November through January – when you can enroll in a Qualified Health Plan. If you do not enroll during these months, you will need to wait until the next Open Enrollment Period.

There are some exceptions. You may be able to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan outside the Open Enrollment Period if you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period.

Special Enrollment Periods

What is a Special Enrollment Period?

A Special Enrollment Period is when someone has a special life event (called a “Qualifying Life Event”) that makes it possible for them to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan outside of the Open Enrollment Period.

What Qualifying Life Events might make someone eligible for a Special Enrollment Period?

Qualifying Life Events include:

  • Loss of health insurance (for reasons other than you did not pay your premium)
  • A permanent move into New York State or a move within the State that makes new health plans available to you
  • Marriage or domestic partnership
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Pregnancy certified by a health care practitioner
  • Birth or adoption of a child, or placement of a child in foster care
  • Becoming eligible or ineligible for help paying for your Qualified Health Plan coverage
  • Becoming a citizen, national or lawfully present individual
  • If a Marketplace staff or assistor made an error

Generally, you must report a Qualifying Life Event to NY State of Health within 60 days. You may need to provide proof of the Qualifying Life Event to your new health plan.

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