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Behind Apicha CHC's Brand Refresh

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Every organization celebrates its milestones. Our brand refresh is one of these exciting times for Apicha Community Health Center.

After being awarded a Vital Access Program and Safety Net Provider (VAP) award, we were able to move forward in Apicha CHC's transformation from an HIV/AIDS coalition for Asians and Pacific Islanders (A&PI) to a Federally Qualified Health Center-Look Alike (FQHC-LA) for all New Yorkers.

This transformation became the catalyst in our brand refresh.

Our refresh represents apicha's rich history of serving people living with HIV/AIDS, Asians and Pacific Islanders and the LGBT community while also communicating our extended primary care services. It's a way for us to continue the promise of apicha while enhancing the services we provide for you, our patients.

Apicha CHC's Core Values

Through this process, we've identified 10 core values that transcend throughout the Apicha CHC experience:

    1. Embrace 'otherized' people.
    2. Show respect, always.
    3. Stay culturally competent.
    4. Be vocal advocates.
    5. Lead innovative change.
    6. Provide a safe refuge.
    7. Steward community health.
    8. Deliver quality wellness services with compassion.
    9. Act courageously.
    10. Go above and beyond our calling.

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Say Hello to Our New Logo

With its modern look and feel, bold colors and consistent typography, we're confident in what our new logo represents - our mission, compassion and commitment to our patients and community.

The softer font demonstrates our continued promise of being a caring health center, with an open door policy. Our use of an abstract triangle and equal rights symbol embodies inclusion, dignity and respect for all, which of course have always been core values of apicha. We remained loyal to the color red to be both recognizable to the apicha community as well as connect to the HIV/AIDS movement and Asian culture.

Last, you'll notice our change from APICHA (capitalized) to Apicha. With the addition of primary care services we now provide, we wanted to removed our association with an acronym, as we felt it conveyed limited services.We're a community health center that has pride in offering medical care in a culturally competent environment through an inclusive, welcoming experience.

We Care About Your Thoughts

This brand refresh is for you, our current and future apicha patients, friends and supporters. Just as our "We Care" philosophy embodies everything we do and stand for, we refreshed our brand in an effort to make the apicha community health center experience easier for you.

Help us spread the word on Apicha CHC's brand refresh! Let us know what you think of our new logo, by leaving a comment below.