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The Health & Wellness of New York City’s LGBTQ Asians and Pacific Islanders

Apicha Community Health Center (CHC) examined the health and wellness needs of New York City’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) Asian, Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander communities. 344 LGBTQ APIs responded to a confidential and anonymous survey, available in nine (9) Asian languages and scripts, as well as focus groups and individual interviews.

The overall recommendations are:

  • Expansion of Mental Health Services and Psychiatry
  • More publicity about Free Testing for STDs / HIV/AIDS
  • Health Education on Sexual Health & Hygiene
  • Dermatology
  • Culturally-competent, bilingual, LGBTQ-sensitive, and nonjudgmental healthcare providers

Read the Executive Summary here.

The full report is available here.

Special breakout reports that reveal needs for specific populations are also available for:





Special Needs Group


The needs of LGBTQ Asians are often overlooked. Many Asian American health care providers are reluctant to provide services to LGBTQ people. LGBTQ providers often only speak English or do not understand the unique Asian experience. Apicha CHC provides culturally-competent, linguistically-appropriate, and LGBTQ-sensitive care to the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Findings also help Apicha CHC develop programs and services at its new Center in Jackson Heights, Queens.