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7 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care Every Day

  • Category: Health & Wellness
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  • Written By: Apicha Community Health Center

Life can get busy for all of us sometimes, and it's important to be able to give yourself some "me time."

Whether its your career, school, social life, or family, prioritizing yourself is easier said than done. However, practicing self care can benefit you in a number ways, including feeling less stressed and eating something yummy. Check out our seven suggestions for easy ways to practice self care every day.

1. Treat yourself to some chocolate. 

Apart from being delicious, dark chocolate is known to have some anti-inflammatory properties. Some research also suggests having a small amount of dark chocolate could lower blood pressure.

2. Get your yogi on. 

Doing yoga in the confines of your home is free and easy! Take a minute (or twenty) to tune into your inner zen by taking on some yoga postures and stretches. Yoga can be extremely relaxing, and can help you increase muscle strength and tone, maintain a balanced metabolism, cardio and circulatory health.

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3. Have a spa day.

Whether this means actually going to the spa or doing your own version at home, having a spa day can help you feel relaxed and pampered. The most recent study from the American Psychological Association reports that around 44 percent of Americans have reported an increase of stress. And while there are many ways to handle stress, maybe a face mask, candles, and some amazing bath bombs are a good place to start.

4. Detox from social media. 

Even though most of us use it, there is certainly a dark side to social media. Globally, each person spends over 135 minutes on social media every day. Unplug for a part of the day, and focus on the present!

5. Nourish your body. 

Everyone has their favorite junk food. Although you're entitled to eat whatever you want, consider cooking eating a healthy, wholesome meal. Fries might be delicious, but a nutritious home cooked meal might be satisfying in more ways than one.

6. Find a mantra.

A mantra is a short phrase or sentence that affirms who you are and helps you practice self love. Mantras like, "I am confident," or "I will speak my truth," are some examples. Having a mantra, and saying it everyday or during difficult moments can help you mentally feel strong and happy.

7. Break a sweat. 

We know exercise doesn't solve all problems, but it does release endorphins, which can make you feel better. Sometimes exercising our bodies falls through the cracks due to our busy work lives and lifestyles. So breaking a sweat, even for half hour, can have you feeling awesome for the rest of your day.