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Apicha CHC's Quality Improvement Fair: How We Strive to Always Improve

This week, Apicha Community Health Center held its inaugural Quality Improvement Fair, an event that showcases our efforts to and best execute our goal: bettering the lives of those in need.

The QI Fair is an accumulation of improvement plans submitted by each department, targeting an issue that can be tangibly improved. Striving for perfection is something Apicha CHC always aims for, and our QI Fair is just one way we do that.

Departments and Projects

Clinic Operations: Patient Perception Survey

Supportive Services : Health Home Program-Retention in Care: Reducing Preventable Case Closure, Care Coordination Program-Improving Mental Health of Clients

Clinic : Diabetes Management

Grants and Communications : Optimizing Digital Appointment Conversions

Human Resources: Improve Performance Evaluation Compliance by Standardizing Policies and Procedures

Information Systems: Agency-wide Data Report FY 2018- Train other Departments on how to use Internal data reports

Finance/Billing: How to Avoid Claim Denials

The Results!

Throughout the day, Apicha CHC staff members were able to walk through, observe, and learn about each team's quality improvement plan. Each staff member cast a vote for their favorite plan.

At the end of the day, with all of the votes counted, we realized there was a tie between two department teams.  Luckily, there was a Board meeting that night.  So, we asked Apicha's CHC board members to vote.  We were shocked to learn there was STILL a tie. We were fortunate that a board member arrived late  to vote and break the tie (and suspense).

After all of the excitement, we are proud to announce our winners:   
Supportive Services Department won first place
Clinic Operations won second place
Clinic Department came in third 

Given the close results, Apicha CHC's awards was lively.  Friendly rivalries erupted and bets made for next year's winner.  During her remarks at the event, Apicha CHC's CEO, Therese Rodriguez, "At Apicha we strive for perfection. If 2 patients complain out of 1,000, we stop to see how we can fix things for those two people. These projects show the work we do to make that happen. We know it is our job to constantly improve our services to best help our community."