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Recognizing National Transgender HIV Testing Day

April 18 is National Transgender HIV Testing Day, a day to encourage trans and gender non-conforming folks to get tested for HIV and to spread awareness. It also highlights the importance of routine HIV testing, status awareness, and continued focus on HIV prevention and treatment efforts among transgender and GNC people.

All information derived from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

HIV Is Still a Health Concern for Trans People

Although new HIV infection rates continue to decline, the transgender community is still battling with new infections. There are over 1 million trans people in the US, and made up 2 percent of diagnoses in 2018. In fact, HIV diagnoses increased 9% among transgender people in the US and dependent areas from 2014 to 2018.

The Power of Prep & HIV Prevention

PrEP and getting tested for HIV can make a world of difference in protecting against new infections. Even more so, education and awareness around PrEP and testing are key. Nearly 92 percent of trans women who don't have HIV are aware of PrEP, and 32 percent of them have actually used PrEP.

There are several ways transgender people—and anyone at risk for HIV—can help prevent HIV:

  • Get tested and know your status.
  • Learn about and consider starting PrEP.
  • Using protection during sex.
  • Avoiding any other high-risk activities.

HIV and Transgender People of Color

HIV is an intersectional issue, especially for Black trans people. In 2018, Black trans women made up 49 percent of new HIV diagnoses among trans women. Black men made up 40 percent of new HIV diagnoses among trans men in 2018. The highest new HIV infection rates after Black trans people are Latino and Hispanic trans people.

Black trans people—and trans people of color—often face additional health care barriers that negatively impact them. Racism, discrimination, and transphobia all negatively impact the health of Black trans people.

Get HIV and Transgender Health Care at Apicha Chc

At Apicha CHC, we offer trans-specific services through our Trans Health Program. As part of this program we also offer primary care, short-term behavioral health services, care management resources, and referrals to specialists. If you're interested in scheduling an appointment click here.

If you're interested in our HIV care and PrEP services, read on below to see how we can help you:

1. HIV Testing

We provide completely confidential HIV testing services at Apicha CHC. To sign up for our HIV Testing services, click here and select HIV/STD testing from the drop down.

2.We Can Get You Prep

If you become part of Apicha CHC's PrEP Program, you will be assigned a medical provider at Apicha CHC who will assess whether PrEP is right for you and will prescribe you Truvada as PrEP.

Our PrEP staff can also help you:

  • Enroll in insurance or sign you up for special PrEP cost programs
  • Set up your appointments
  • Remind you when your pills are running out
  • You can easily pick-up your prescription at Apicha CHC's in-house pharmacy or you can use our free delivery service!

3. Become a Part of Our HIV Clinic

If you know you're HIV-positive and don't currently have a medical provider or aren't happy with the one you do have, feel free to become a part of the Apicha CHC family.

You can request an appointment here. Be sure to select appointment type as "Primary Medical Care."