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PrEP for HIV Prevention: Injectable Option Now Available

  • Category: Sexual Health
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  • Written By: Viviana Metzgar

Stigmatized for decades, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) has continued to silently plague the nation. Whether a by-product of gender-based stigmatization, access to pharmaceutical care, or basic scheduling restraints, for many people taking an oral PrEP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) pill is a chore that burdens them on the daily. Although oral medication and the Dapivirine vaginal ring method of medication have been revolutionary developments in HIV treatment, gone are the days of the hassle of an everyday pill. Apicha now offers an FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) approved injectable PrEP option.


What Is Injectable Prep?

PrEP Injections are available on a bimonthly basis under the supervision of one of our providers. The injectable method has been proven in a number of studies to be more than 69% more effective than the oral pill method of treatment. Unlike the daily pill, the injectable method is not administered in the patient’s home. Each treatment is administered in the privacy of our clinic. Many patients have been switching to the injectable method for the convenience and side-effect management.

Who Is Injectable Prep For?

Apretude (PrEP injectable medication) is safe for use amongst all gender expressions and sexual identities, although key populations at higher risk for contracting the virus include sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, people in prisons, transgender people, and their sexual partners. Apretude is available only for people who have tested negative for HIV and continue to test negatively throughout their treatment. Injectable PrEP is a long-lasting treatment option that is only intended to prevent the infection of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Apretude is not intended for the prevention of pregnancy or any Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). If you become or are intending to become pregnant during your treatment, speak with your provider to determine the best course of action for you. If you become HIV positive, speak to your provider and immediately stop your treatment to reduce the risk of developing a resistance to HIV medication.

How Can I Start Apretude?

If you are interested in beginning Apretude or switching over from your current PrEP prevention plan, visit our website at or contact our Manhattan clinic at (212) 334-6029.