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  • Author: Elliot
  • Date Submitted: Jun 20, 2023
  • Category: General

Elliot, a deaf, mute 52-year old, was struggling to pay rent during the
COVID-19 pandemic after he and his partner were furloughed from their jobs in July. He tried seeking assistance, but the NYC housing support office was difficult to reach. Most in-person appointments were suspended amid nationwide lockdowns and virtual appointments were inaccessible to Elliot’s communication needs.

Thankfully, Elliot—a long-time client at Apicha CHC—was already connected to a patient navigator. Patient navigators are vital in ensuring patients get the care and attention they need on a daily basis, serving as a point of contact patients can always go to when in need. He voiced his concerns to his patient navigator, including his financial struggles and the spillover that stress was having on other aspects of his life. Elliot had missed taking his antiretroviral medications to treat his HIV, and his labs were showing increased viral load.

Elliot’s patient navigator advocated on Elliot’s behalf to the NYC housing support office and accompanied him to an inperson appointment. In August, Elliot received HASA Rental Benefits of $1,900, Cash Assistance of $220, SNAP Benefits, and Medicaid Benefits. He feels much more stable and is back to taking his medication regularly.